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Author Visits/Contact
Long before I was a published author, I was a teacher. In fact, I’m still a teacher, and one of the things I enjoy most is connecting with readers. If you’re interested in scheduling a visit, consider the options listed below. Email me for fees and available dates.

Run and Read
If you’re looking to jump-start a physical education program or inspire your readers to exercise, a Run and Read might be the way to go. Basically, it works like this: I exercise with the readers first (sweats and sneakers are a must, as are parent permission forms!), then we all sit down together, guzzle some water, and talk about books, preferably my books. It’s fun. It’s informal. And the workout is not too rigorous.

Creative Writing Workshop
The Creative Writing Workshop allows students to write in their own voices, to explore topics that wouldn’t necessarily fit into a formal research paper, and to open up about the things that concern them most—body image, teasing, cliques. The Creative Writing Workshop works best if the groups are small and the space is intimate. This is not a good option for an auditorium or a hundred kids who simply want to escape algebra class, although I have nothing against kids who are looking to escape algebra (I was once one of them).

Author Reading and Q&A
The Author Reading and Q&A is perfect for a large group. Basically, I do a short reading, talk about publishing and the writing and revision process, then allow for audience questions. This is a great option if you have limited time and a large number of students to accommodate. Plus, if you choose this option, I won’t show up in sweats.

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