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young Suzanne
That’s me. October 1965. I loved talking on the phone. Still do. Phone conversations, like letter writing, are a lost art.

I was born in Columbia, Tennessee, a town I return to again and again in my stories and books. Odd as it sounds, I feel connected to this place mostly through narrative now. Perhaps that’s because I moved away more than thirty years ago. Whatever the reason, longing or nostalgia, Tennessee is the setting I’m most likely to choose when writing. My current home is beautiful Maryland, however. Here I can enjoy the mountains and the beach and the Chesapeake Bay.

Log Canoe Races
Log Canoe Races in Oxford, Maryland (photo: Suzanne Supplee)

Iris, Jack Russell terrier
This is Iris. It’s a tough life, but somebody has to spend all day sleeping.

My three daughters are all grown up, but I’m still happily raising a fourteen-year-old Jack Russell terrier named Iris. In the love department, I got very, very lucky. I married a Baltimore boy named Scott, and cliché as it may sound, he’s still the love of my life!

Recently, I resigned from my full-time teaching post to make more time for writing. This felt a little like bungee jumping, as I’ve been a teacher for a long time. They say a giant leap now and then is good for a person. I guess we’ll see about that.

Occasionally, I edit other people’s stories and conduct writing workshops. While I like many adults, kids are still my favorite people.

L to R: Joey Reisberg, Rachel St. Ours, Noa Cohen, and Kaliah White. Excellent writers and exceptionally good people.



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