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Rebecca Scherr
Pictured here with the Jack London Foundation Writing Contest First Place Winner, Rebecca Scherr
Rachel St. Ours
YoungArts finalist Rachel St. Ours

For much of my career, I’ve worked with young writers. Most recently, I was privileged to serve as department chair for the literary arts program at George Washington Carver Center, a magnet high school in Towson, Maryland. We delved into fiction, nonfiction, journalism, and the personal essay. In addition, seniors in the level-four class created book-length works for their capstone projects. Many students, nearly 80 during my tenure, went on to self-publish. In addition, students submitted their original work to literary magazines and competitions. There were numerous national winners in YoungArts, Scholastic Art & Writing, as well as the Jack London Foundation competition. Many of my students continued to study in prestigious writing programs at the college and graduate levels. Helping other writers, young or old, find their voices and shape their stories is one of the best aspects of being an author and educator.

Critique Services

  • One-on-one critique services for middle grade, young adult, and adult short stories, essays, and novels. Partial payment in advance is required. Schedule is provided based on acceptance of project. Writing specifications are discussed at the time of acceptance.
  • Coaching and mentoring services are also available. As a published author and teacher, I’m comfortable coaching writers through the various stages of the writing and submission process.
  • To date, I’ve helped nearly 80 writers self-publish. In addition, I’m in contact with a number of professionals who can assist with formatting, cover art, and marketing needs.
  • Here’s what I won’t do: I won’t take on your project if it’s outside my comfort zone or area of expertise. Life’s too short to waste my time and your money.

Student Workshops for Schools (home or otherwise) and Groups

  • One of the most difficult aspects of resigning from my full-time teaching gig was missing out on the day-to-day interactions with young writers. Workshops are tailored to setting, student needs, and lesson objectives. As a certified secondary educator, I want experiences to be educational and personally meaningful for students.
  • Workshops and/or speaking engagements are interactive and student-centered.
  • Visits can be scheduled on a one-time or ongoing basis.
  • Contact me via email for pricing and scheduling.
  • Here’s what I won’t do: I won’t visit your school or meeting place and
    talk at folks for a lengthy period of time. A lively exchange of ideas is my preferred teaching method.
students collaborating
Pictured L to R: Spencer Rabinowitz, Lauren Goodwin, Angie Faieq, and Jyotsna Jayaram. Excellent students and talented writers!
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